Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Review and Giveaway: Barefoot Books "Arthur of Albion" and "The Adventures of Odysseus"

Many many thanks to Barefoot Books for sending me these two books to read and review. They are two new titles to the Barefoot lineup, "Arthur of Albion" and "The Adventures of Odysseus". We all know and love the tale of these two characters for their strength, their courage, and there will to press on, no matter what. These two books are wonderfully written and illustrated for a younger audience (8 years and up) and bring the stories to life in a whole new way! Let's break it down shall we?

Arthur of Albion - Mighty King Arthur, a great story for all. Heroism, bravery, chivalry, a God among men of sorts. Written by John Matthews and illustrated by the talented Pavel Tatarnikov, this is a GREAT book for school age kids. Wonderfully retold in a manner that can captivate and even younger audience and bring them into the world of kings, knights, and heroes. I really enjoyed reading this, sharing it with my family, and once again bringing myself into that world. A wonderful read for children who already love to read, or children who are just discovering the power of the written word. Highly recommended for your children (again geared for 8+) to help grow their imagination through the power of reading!

The Adventures of Odysseus - One of my favorite stories of all time! Written by Daniel Morden and Hugh Lupton, and once again wonderfully illustrated by the awesome Christina Balit, the retelling of this story is amazing, and captivating. Mighty Odysseus, after war, facing trials, hardships, loss of friends, all with a courage and strength never seen in life these days. Wonderfully written for the younger audience, this book will capture the imaginations of children all over, and is a great way to introduce them to literature of its type, and to the joys of reading.

Both books, now available from Barefoot Books, are a must have for your child's reading collection. They are great for reading along with your kids, or even reading them to your children. Let your imagination run wild with your children as you read these books aloud to them. Great family fun, great literature, great job all around! I thoroughly enjoyed these books, reading them, and once again becoming a child in my mind as my imagination ran wild as I got lost in the literature. "Arthur of Albion" and "The Adventures of Odysseus" both get two thumbs up and The DaddyYo Dude Seal of Approval!

HOLD ON!!! Not quite done yet! As if it wasn't already totally rad that the folks at Barefoot Books sent me the books to read, they are giving me the opportunity to give you all a chance to win a book as well!!!! One lucky winner will receive a copy of "Arthur of Albion" and another lucky winner will receive a copy of "The Adventures of Odysseus". Awesome I know!!! First, I want all of you to check out the Barefoot Books Shop. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Lots of great books for children of all ages! Okay, did you go there? Alrighty, let's continue! Now, comment here about what you like the most about Barefoot Books! Simple right? The giveaway will end at 11:59 EST on October 28th. I will announce the winners on Twitter and on the blog on October 29th.

Thanks to Barefoot Books for this opportunity, and happy reading to you all!

*INFO: The books cannot be shipped to a PO Box, so if you are chosen and contacted, please provide a physical mailing address for your books to be shipped to. Thanks and good luck to all!*


Inspired Kathy said...

I like how the list everything out by age and that they have a Halloween theme going on.
bkhabel at gmail dot com

Kevin said...

The site is well organized. I can navigate my way around the site and find what I’m looking for without having to dig too deep into the site. The categories are clearly labeled with the appropriate titles. Overall appearance of the site is aesthetically pleasing.

Anonymous said...

I love that they have Farmyard Friends featured. Looks like they have a great selection too. Bonus-They have Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon!

andrea said...

I love the themes! What a great way to help a forgetful mommy find "that book about the thing...something about an astronaut...or a was it a witch?"

Steve L said...

I love the selection. When you have kids who range in age as much as mine do, it's nice to find a reasonably priced place to shop with a broad selection.

pete said...

Barefoot Books is a great resource for children's book. The site is easily navigated and well designed. I like having the ability to browse books by reader age or subject matter.

Heather R said...

I love that they have a great variety of books from Life's little lessons to princesses & peas. Their site was very organized and I was able to find exactly what I wanted without taking alot of time.

Catina Mount said...

This is a great site! Love that it touches on different cultures and is so easy to navigate. My 9 yr old LOVES to read so this will be an exciting new resource to explore...thank you for sharing!

Violetsouffle said...

I LOVE their world cultures section. They have great,fun& diverse selection (like 'my grandmother went to market' etc. What a very nice site to shop for books on. My little one loves reading and we live bookstores butts hard to find GOOD kids books in store when they're distracted by Character themed gadgets& plush toys& train tables :) if I win, I'm giving this book to my partner toread out loud to his class a little eachday through the year.

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