Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The King of Smiles: In Honor of James "Bo Peep" Taylor

 Today we honor the memory, the spirit, and the life of my grandfather, James "Bo Peep" Taylor. Papa was always a kind man and an understanding man. With a passion for life, and a love for his family, he continues to be an inspiration to the Taylor family. The following post was written by my dad, in honor of his dad, on what would have been Papa's 77th birthday today. We love you Papa! 

There is a lot of ways you could describe my dad. 

He was a football star, an All-State center, co-captain of two state championship football teams, a member of the Lexington Athletic Hall of Fame. Only 150 pounds, but "Bo Peep" Taylor was known as a fierce competitor.

He was a world traveler, visiting around the world, from Europe to Asia, for work and pleasure. Dad's one regret in his travels was that he never made it to China. He loved taking photographs and finding the beauty of the natural world. He would stop his car in the middle of anywhere to take a picture of the local wildlife.

But that's not how people remember my father. They remember his smile.

He had to have been born smiling. I've never seen a picture where he wasn't smiling. He walked into a room smiling, he left it smiling, and in between he made you smile and laugh. If airlines offered Frequent Flyer Smile programs, Dad would have been triple-platinum. Dad was the best guest at a party, and the host who made you feel happy that you came.  
He had a positive attitude coupled with a wonderful sense of humor.  
He made friends with all types of people.

We all inherited things from Dad - dark hair, a love of sports, and appreciation of humor. Taylor family time is a time of jokes, stories, and much laughter. It is his greatest legacy.

So today, on what would have been his 77th birthday, honor my father. Smile. Laugh. Greet people warmly. Enjoy your time on earth.

Happy Birthday, Dad. Got a great Clemson joke for you next time we meet.



A Daddy Blog said...

That's a lovely tribute. We are the men we have become in large part because of our fathers. And now the women in our lives know who to blame. ;)

A Daddy Blog said...

Sorry... read this wrong. I just realized this was your dad writing about your grandfather. Sorry about my last comment. I would never dis' your grandfather in any way. Totally was taking aim squarely at myself... well, and you too. ;) Feel free to delete my silly comments. Have a day.

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