Disclosure and Copyright

Disclosure: Okay, this is the necessary page I must publish to disclose some info for you on the content and/or compensations I may receive from The DaddyYo Blog.

All the content on this blog is written by me, unless marked otherwise as a guest post. Guest posts will always be marked as such so there will be no confusion as to whom the writing belongs to.

I do accept forms of payment/compensation for some materials published on The DaddyYo Blog. These posts will be fully disclosed and marked as such. Never will I receive compensation without notifying my readers of the partnership or sponsorship. Although I do, and will in the future, accept paid sponsorships for content, I will ALWAYS provide only my  honest opinion. This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. I will never accept payments as bribes to provide positive content on anything. All the opinions stated herein are my own. I will also accept free items from time to time for product reviews or giveaways. Once again, these posts will be marked and disclosed so that the relationship  is known to my readers. Any ads found on The DaddyYo Blog will be marked as such as well, and provided in their own space in the sidebar. Never will there be content found on this blog that payment or partnership is not fully disclosed to you, the reader. There is no content here which presents a conflict of interest.

Also, I take pride in the works found on The DaddyYo Blog. I bare it all from my heart, my soul, and my mind. "I Wear My Heart On My Dot Com." ... Please do not copy, repost, or capitalize off of any content found here without my consent. Simple enough right? Just ask me!

Thanks as always for stopping by The DaddyYo Blog!