About Me

Hello! Welcome to The DaddyYo Blog! I am your host The Dude, ( @TheDaddyYoDude ), and I would like to extend my deepest thanks for stopping by my little piece of the web today! My name is John. I am 28 and live in Virginia. I am a cook and part time manager at a restaurant in town and an aspiring freelance writer. Being a dad is my passion and my privilege. Not a day goes by that I am not in debt to God for the gift of my kiddos. My family is my life, so I would like to introduce them to you real quick like!

 The Wifey - ( @1_CRAZY_mama ) I married this rad chick in 2006 after we met in 2005. I uprooted my whole life to be with her, and I have never regretted a single moment of that! Through thick and thin, better and worse, this woman has been my support, my guide, and my voice of reason on many levels and I owe her my heart and my soul and my life! 

The Kiddos -  Little Girl (1) and Little Man (3) ... The journey to The DaddyYo Blog started with the birth of Little Man in 2007 and continued with the arrival of Little Girl in 2009. They are my reason for everything I do. They are my joy, my inspiration, my world, and my light. They are the reason I get up each day, and no matter how rough the day has been, the reason I smile every night before I go to bed. Without them, my world would be nothing.