Friday, November 19, 2010

Feature Friday: 4 Awesome Dad Blogs and The Odd Mom Out

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone's Friday is starting off swell and you are looking forward to the weekend. Something I have not done here on the blog in a while is Feature Friday. So this week I jumped right on doing it. I always enjoy the connections I make with people in the blog and social media world. I have had many great conversations with many great people. This week I am featuring 4 dads and 1 mom. People I talk with, blogs and sites I enjoy reading, and people you should check out too. So let's get started!

First up to bat is Go, Pop, Go! written by @gopopgoblog - It has been a pleasure getting to know this gentleman through Twitter and reading his blog. Go, Pop, Go is a wonderfully written and from the heart, this blog has become on of my favorite reads in recent weeks. Husband to 1 and daddy to two daughters, writing about "parenting, God, food, BBQ, and working out".  Check out the blog and follow along with Go, Pop, Go! on Twitter! Feature Friday high five to Go, Pop, Go!

Second to the plate today is CuteMonster from @CuteMonsterDad - If you don't know about this site yet, then you need to pop on over there right now. RIGHT NOW! A resource blog for dads with the experiences of being a dad, reviews, and some downright daddy goodness. Covering everything from movies and toys, to gadgets and even tips on "Dad's Sick Day Strategy". If the site doesn't give you enough then make sure to cruise on over to the shop for great dad gear. You can also find CuteMonsterDad over on DadRevolution along with other great dad writers. Feature Friday fist bump to CuteMonster!

Ladies and Gentlemen, next up is Father Apprentice coming to you from @FatherApprentic - "Tricks, Tips, Stories and Hacks to Become a Better Dad" - Father Apprentice is a great community site of new dads, old dads and in the middle of the ride dads. I have really enjoyed the great writing on this blog. Covering a wide range of topics from a wide rang of perspectives. A terrific site for dads in all stages of fatherhood. Hearts are found on sleeves and the face of fatherhood being defined in words. Feature Friday hats off to Father Apprentice!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Daddy up next! Brought to you by @Supperdaddkw - I am honored to have gotten to know the Super Daddy Kevin in recent weeks. It has also been great to have him sharing stories about health care and the role it played in medical treatment for his daughter. Check out his post on The DaddyYo Dude: UNFILTERED! "Kevin Speaks on Healthcare". He is a stay at home dad writing about his experiences with his children and the world of fatherhood. Another straight-from-the-heart writer, his blog has become a must read on my list. Sharing videos and news and links on recalls of children's products. Feature Friday bro hug to Kevin, the Super Daddy!

Odd Mom Out this week, let me introduce you to my good friend @Call_Me_Heather and her blog "Army Wife, Toddler Mom" - Heather is a good friend of me and The Wifey who used to live just two doors away from us. Her and The Wifey became good friends and would hang out quite often. Heather is married to Jake who is in the army. She is the proud mother of Mali, an adorable and strong little boy. Her blog is written from the heart of a mom just going through life day to day and writing about her experiences, and sometimes just letting it all out. With a new post going up all the time, catch a glimpse into the life of an Army Mom and Toddler Wife! Big hug and Feature Friday to the odd mom out this week, Heather!

Thank you for joining me on The DaddyYo Blog today so showcase 5 awesome people and 5 awesome sites and blogs to check out. I hope you give them all a read, all a follow, and enjoy as much as I do. Have a rocking awesome weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Some great features here! Not that I'm biased or anything.

Chase said...

Thanks, Man! I hadn't heard of CuteMonster before, and i'm glad to know about it! Hat tip!

Jack said...

Thanks for the tips!

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