Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Open Letter to : You Failed Our Children - UNACCEPTABLE

To whom it may concern at

Obviously you already know about the book and the outrage it has called. "The Pedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure" is a disgusting piece of work that has no place on a site that sells kids items and books. I mean, seriously use your brain and not your wallet for a minute. Chances are, at least one person in your main office knows someone who was sexually abused as a child. Chances are that the majority of you have children on your own. This is the part where you put your wallet down and you use your ears for once: How would you like it if some random stranger had an inappropriate encounter with your child. How would you like it if some sick bastard raped your child and scarred them for life? It would be okay right? I mean, the stranger read the book and knows what they are doing. Am I correct?

I didn't think so. You hide behind free speech and non censorship yet you state you have the right to pull a book from the Kindle store at your discretion. Where is that discretion right now? How long has your income been making you so stupid that you revel in these moments when you are receiving so much press, even when it isn't good? When did you stop being a man, a woman, a dad, a mom, a son, and a daughter? How have you allowed yourself to become so morally incompetent?

I personally will no longer have anything to do with your site or any of your affiliates until such trash is removed from the Kindle store. I'm sure this isn't the only one like that but frankly I won't even look. If you can soundly sell "Bob the Builder" and this trash in the same store, then you are not of sound mind. Honestly I would love to come to the office of whoever gave the okay to this book and show pictures of victims of such crime until they cried blood and lost their sight. 

Yes, the same free speech this author uses is the same free speech I use right now. Although this country's view of free speech is tragically skewed and messed up. Since you want to hide behind that mask and not listen to the power of the people's voice and the people's writing, we shall have you listen where it matters the most: YOUR EFFING WALLET! 

Right now I call all concerned and caring parents to cease transactions with Amazon and the Kindle store until this trash is removed from the site. Parents: Amazon is not going to listen to our voice, to our tweets and to our writing. They will only listen to what matters to them and that is the cash flow. I will be boycotting Amazon and I encourage you to do the same. Show them that if they will not stand for our kids, WE WILL! WE ARE PARENTS!! OUR KIDS ARE OUR FUTURE! AND THEY WILL NOT BE SUBJECTED TO THE SICK MEN AND WOMEN WHO WOULD DARE USE THIS BOOK!


Dayne said...


As an induvidual, you might think you can do nothing, you might not even have an amazon account. This is not true, add you voice to ours, tell everyone within earshot. This is an abomination. It must not be tolerated.

Andrea said...

It's ridiculous! They have since pulled the book but still sell others. I'll never buy from them again.

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