Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Technology Fun: Ending a Tantrum

So I got this new laptop thanks to a giveaway from DaddysToolbox. First one I have had with the built in webcam and microphone and all that. I had to set about playing with the video and start figuring some things out so I can start posting more videos here. 

Well, the other morning, Little Girl was throwing one monster of a tantrum. Not really sure why or what it was about. All I knew is that something had to be done to get her quiet. I turned on the laptop and turned on the video software I downloaded. She was immediately silenced by seeing herself on the screen. Then I decided it was time to get silly and get a laugh out of her. The following video I put together really quickly. It is kind of lame but I am new to making videos. But here it is anyway, Technology Fun: Ending a Tantrum


Lauren Hale (@unxpctdblessing) said...

That's awesome. She's adorable!!!

The art of redirection is awesome. You've used it well. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Epic win indeed! Photo Booth on my mac works every time

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