Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Roaring Review and Special Giveaway: It's Dinosaur Mania!!

Welcome to The DaddyYo Blog today! Be careful as you browse around  because there are huge, ROARING dinosaurs all over the blog today! I have been hiding here in the left sidebar so that maybe they won’t find me. I have to make it long enough to tell you about 2 books and give you the chance to win two signed copies!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Paul Stickland. Author, paper engineer, and pop-up designer. I was excited to meet Paul on Twitter a few weeks ago and find out he authored one of my son’s favorite dinosaur books, “Dinosaur Roar”. I checked out the site and his stores and I have to say I was impressed! Little Man absolutely LOVES dinosaurs and big trucks, and Paul Stickland has everything I could every want in both categories.

After a few e-mail exchanges the review and giveaway was set up and Paul was happy to help make this happen.  Major thanks to Paul for being willing to do this and even signing the copies to be given away! So let’s get started, shall we? A little about Paul, the bookstore and the truck and dinosaur stores. Then the awesomeness that is “Dinosaur Roar” and “10 Terrible Dinosaurs:”.

About Paul – Paul has been writing and illustrating children’s books for many years and believes in the power that reading has in a young child’s life. From dinosaurs to big trucks, his books are wonderfully written and illustrated. Paul involves himself with author visits, readings, and pop-up workshops. You can check out his site for more information on how to contact him for an event.

The Bookstore – If you are looking for all of your big truck and dinosaur book needs then look no further than Paul’s Bookstore. You can get all of his books here and even request a personalized and signed book (just in time for the holidays).

The Truck Store and Dinosaur Store -  Two awesome stores to get all things dinosaurs and trucks. From stickers and posters, to iPod and iPhone cases. Bags, thank you cards and much much more, The Dinosaur Store and The Truck Store are where it’s at!

The Review and Giveaway

“Dinosaur Roar” – One of my son’s favorite dinosaur books! These larger than life creatures dance, play, and shenanigan their way to a dinosaur picnic while teaching young children about opposites. The illustrations are captivating and will have your children looking intensely over them. I like this book because it is a fun way to introduce children to opposites through colorful illustrations, a fun story, and of course, DINOSAURS! (come on, who doesn’t like dinosaurs right?) Great fun for parents and children to open their imaginations and their little learning minds.

“10 Terrible Dinosaurs” – One time there were ten dinosaurs. They were dancing, singing and playing along. One by one (and for very funny and entertaining reasons) the dinosaurs left the story. Tired and ready for a nap, there was just one dinosaur left. What happens next? Well I guess you will just have to check the book out to see what happens next. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. The illustrations in this book stand out against the plain white background making it captivating and fun to look through. Enjoy indulging the kids into dinosaur hilarity and teach them to count backwards from 10 to 1. Educational and fun, what more could you ask for?

If these two books sound awesome to you then you are right. They are! Now you have the chance to enter to win both books. Not only that, they are signed by Paul Stickland himself. They would make great book gifts  or just great books to have around for your kids. Here is how you can enter to win!
  1. Tweet About the Giveaway – “Just entered to win 2 roaring rad books from @NaughtyDinosaur and @TheDaddyYoDude” … Be sure to link back to the post and include the hashtag #DinoSaysRawr. Tweet as many times as you like. One entry per tweet.
  2. Follow Paul on Twitter – Be sure to comment and let us know you are now following!
  3. Become a fan of The Dinosaur Store on Facebook – Once again comment and let us know you like him!
  4. Comment on this post – Why would you like to have these two books for your children?
Easy right? The contest will end at midnight EST on  Friday, December 17th, after which I will select a winner at random. Good luck to you all! Another special thanks to Paul for making this happen for all of you. Been a real roar getting to know you. Now are you ready? Get set! GO!

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