Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Post Before Christmas

Twas the post before Christmas and all through my mind
Just the sound of crickets and "Wonderful Christmas Time"
That song had gotten stuck in my head, it was true
And it caused me some writer's block, and now I was blue

The Kiddos were grouchy and they were ready for bed
I did not know that those shrill screams would be rocking my head.
We gave them a bath, got their teeth brushed and books to read
Then got them in bed and back downstairs I had to sneak.

The Wifey and I were watching a movie on the couch
With the subtitles on, and the volume as quiet as a mouse
When across the baby monitor their arose such a noise
That I jumped off the couch, my pants were surely soiled

We ran upstairs to see what the heck had happened
And found Little Man and Little girl on the bed laughing.
We asked what was going on and what was so funny
Little Man said "we just love you daddy and mummy"

We hugged them both tight and back to bed they did go
They had just drifted off as it had started to snow
I kissed my wife goodnight, and told her I loved her dear
Then drifted off to sleep knowing Christmas was so near.

Be joyful, ye men, ye women and each child
Tell your family you love them and even give them a high five
Merry Christmas to all, bless your hearts and your lives
Bless your sleep and your dreams, and to all, Goodnight!

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