Thursday, December 30, 2010

To Little Man

You are always telling me that you don’t want the “boogies” to get you. Daddy is here to let you know that I will never let the boogies get you. you may be scared sometimes, you might be afraid. But Daddy is right here, and I will protect you.

Daddy is always here when you need him. To fight off the boogies, to fend off the monsters, and to be whatever you need me to be, whenever you need me to be it. There is no need to fear. There is no need to be afraid of what is not there, because Daddy is here.

It has been my honor and joy to watch you grow these last three years. To watch you mature, learn new words, new skills, and develop in your personality. You are like none other. You have a big heart and an endless imagination. Your passion for life and ability to make a whole room light up will be what everyone remembers of you.

Never forget who you are. Never forget were you come from. You are MY son. You are MOMMY’s son. We will always be here for you whenever you need us. We will be here to guide you, to support you, and to love you. No matter what life has in store for us, always remember we love you. It is a love that will never end, never go away, and can only continue to grow stronger. You are our son, and nothing can ever take that away.

With love,


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