Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Honesty is the Best Policy

Okay so almost 2 weeks ago I was tagged by @tessasdad to post "10 honest things about me". I just came across that post (sorry it took me so long) in trying to catch up with the blogs I read. I really need to get the rss feeds sent to my computer that way I never miss a single one. Anyway, the principle of it is to write 10 honest statements about yourself then tag 10 other people to do it. So here we go: 10 Honest Statements about Myself

1. I am heavily addicted to caffeine. For a few years I have struggled with the use and abuse of caffeine pills. I found that as the years have started to take a toll on my health that it was time to give up the 1200mg a day habit. I haven't taken or abused a caffeine pill for 3 days as of right now. Coffee has been the only source of caffeine, and I am working to lower my intake of it as well.

2. I am very, VERY stubborn and have a hard time admitting when I am wrong. This has been an issue for a long long time. I don't like to admit when I am wrong. It is something I struggle with and try daily to improve, although my stubbornness even gets in my own way sometimes.

3. I met my wife in a Yahoo! chat room. That's right. We met online in January of 2005. We talked on the phone that very same night. 4 months later, I packed up and left my home of 22 years for a place I had never seen on a map, and a girl I had never met face to face. A year and 2 months after that, she would become my wife and the future mother to my 2 wonderful children.

4. My biggest fear when I became a father was that my children would not love me and that I would not be able to provide for them. I was scared to death my children wouldn't love me back and that I would not be able to provide for them. Times have been rough every now and then, but I have made sure my children are never without. I would go hungry before they go without.

5. Much to my mother's dismay, I am the one who taught Caleb how to make poot noises and to announce to us "Daddy I FARTED!!!" whenever he breaks wind. What can I say, boys will be boys, and I have the ability to de-evolve back to the mind of a 3 year old. Boys rule!

6. I dropped out of college twice. First time was a medical withdrawal after being treated for depression my freshman year. Second time was because I was young and stupid, and figured working and having money was more important.

7. I am probably one of the biggest Stretch Arm Strong fans there is. No, not the toy, the band. A hardcore punk band from the 803. David Sease, one of the SAS guitarist was twice my US History teacher in high school. Their lyrics have served as strong support in my life since I was in high school, and to this day I still run songs through my head when feeling down or lacking self worth.

8. I am a 5 star chef in my own kitchen. Most people think that since I work in the food service industry that I would not want to do anything like that at home. Truth is, my passion for cooking is the reason I hav ebeen in food service as long as I have. I just naturally migrate to it. I love trying new things in the kitchen, and have considered setting up a small blog with recipes that I create here at home.

9. It took all the way up until I was 22 to finally come out of my shell and not be shy. I used to have a major fear of starting a new job, or really just being anywhere I didn't know people. I had a hard time opening up and just letting it all hang out. It wasn't until after I was released from an inpatient rehabilitation program and started working again that I had the confidence to just be me and go out and face the world with open arms. And I think I can thank the programs I went through around that time and my family who accepted the new "clean" me with the same open arms they had for me all along.

10. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done lol! no seriously, to sit down and think of 10 truths to tell people that don't know that much about me is really hard to do. But liberating to, just to put it out there and let it be what it is.

Now for the fun part, it's MY turn to tag some people. I'm sure some of you listed below have already done this or been tagged, but I'm new in the blogging world so it is bound to happen. Now let's see hmmm....











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Chris (@tessasdad) said...

Hey man,
I think you might have been the only one I tagged to do this. Sorry, I'm catching this so late.

#3 - My wife and I met online in 2000.
#5 - You said farting...yuk yuk :)
#8 - You should totally do that, but add the dimension of cooking w/ your kids ;)
#9 - You should blog about that sometime. It would be helpful to a lot of people.

Great stuff man!

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