Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogging with my 3yo

So this morning I have been trying to think of a new post topic ... hold on .....Okay I pushed the blue button and made it black. Where was I? Oh yes, trying to think of a new post topic. It's Monday so ... Yes Caleb I see the bees .... It's mond.... stop touching the laptop and get your finger off the screen .... It's okay I love you.... Monday is a bad day for me to .. Caleb I can't see ... bad day for me  try to write anyway cause the weekend at work has me just stupid in the head come monday morning. nsdihgudnkdgd.. . Caleb I said don't touch it!!! Now there are cheesies all over the screen.

This morning has been particularly challenging as my 3yo son has decided that this morning he would tell me about anything and everything under the sun. From Bee Movie, to "Where's mommy and Marlee?" to I FARTED!! Everything going on in his life this morning is going on in my ears. ... I can't do black Caleb, that button doesn't work anymore. You broke it remember?

I told @NewYorkDad earlier it's one of those moments in dadhood that while slightly irritating, it is just too darn cute. Usually Caleb just wants me to play ball or get him something to eat. Marlee is the daddy's girl and is always wanting my undivided attention. 

So this morning, mom takes sissy out shopping and it's guys day in at the house. Love having guy time with Caleb cause we get to be loud and do guy stuff over the top. Tackling, breaking wind, throwing balls as hard as we can without any regard to anything else in the house, and eating junk food that mommy would usually not allow this close to nap time. 

This morning however he is particularly interested in me almost inexplicably. Wanting to know what I'm doing, am I okay, sad, happy, immune (don't know why he wants to know that). Such a great joy to know that even when it seems like I exist only as a playmate, my son still has great interest in me and wants to learn about what I am always doing. I taught him the word blogging this morning in fact. 

I am always glad for the alone time I get with each child because it's those times that they let me know that I am more than just a waiter, chauffeur, and bathroom attendant. I am their Daddy and they love me for it!  

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