Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little Something About Time

I wrote this over two years ago, and never knew then how real the underlying statement of it would be to me now, so I decided to post it here.

"A Little Something about Time"

It's all in due time; these things, hopes and dreams that we all wait to come true. Dreams of being rich, having it all, or doing more in life than just getting by. But time is an endurance run, a marathon, and you are always coming in a close second.

For some, time is just a unit of measure. We count down the minutes until we are off work or out of school. People counting down the hours they have been on the road, yet they are not even close to being home. We count the seconds as we near the end of our lives, and count the days being served in sentences.

Time is a beast that we are all a slave to. We try to do everything "in due time", yet time devours us without a second thought and before we can count the time it takes to do it. Time, is on nobody's side. In a world where time flies by and life never stops,  nobody stops to stand in awe of the moments that make time stand still. We live our lives by the watch, all the while the clock of life keeps ticking away. We are none the wiser to realize it is ticking faster and faster and our watches are useless. One day, mankind will figure it all out, but perhaps, just maybe, it's all in due time.

John T

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