Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Past, Present, and High School Reunions

It's funny how quickly history becomes just that: history. I always liked the part in Lion King (watching it a million times with Caleb) where the baboon hits Simba on the head and when Simba asks him what he did it for he says "it does not matter, it's in the past". The instant after events happen or words are spoken or written, they become the past, and in a lot of ways, are no longer a part of our lives.

I started thinking about this as I was reading a blog post by an old high school friend of mine, Marc. In his post he talks about the upcoming reunion of our senior class next year. He'll never know how much the post had an impact on me last night as I started thinking about a certain day where I have probably not actually had a whole conversation with Marc since this day, 9 years ago.

It was graduation day for the LHS Class of 2001. It was just like most of your typical high school graduations. Long, boring speeches from disctrict board members, followed by a rousing, impromptu speech by our class president. (rumor had it he had actually not written a thing and faked his way through it though I have never confirmed this)

We waited, and waited, and waited for our names to be called, to walk across the stage to the sounds of mothers crying,the pride of hundreds of dads swelling, and our classmates cheering and jeering us as we exited, stage left. Then, just like that, the day was over, and 12 years of grade school were in the past.

That was 9 years ago. Where has life taken us since then? Next year, at the 10 year reunion, what will we be talking about? Obviously we will relive moments of when we were young and crazy (not that some of us aren't still crazy) and talk about where we are now.

Then I started thinking, what will people think about me now? I have no college degree, no grand job that makes me look important and powerful. Now three story house with 4 car garage. But this is what I do have: A wonderful, loving and understanding wife. Two children that are the light of my world  and the objects of my deepest affection. I don't have the greatest job, but it provides for my family, which I guess is all that matters. I have wonderful friends I could go to anytime, with any problem. 

Most of all, I have love. The love of my friends and family, and a love for life. I'm quite happy with where I am at now, and it wouldn't matter what everyone else had to say. SO maybe I'll just skip that reunion, and mark that 10 year occasion by hanging with the family. 9 years ago I never thought I would be where I am now. And the present, to me, is a lot more worth celebrating than that day, 9 years ago today.

*Check out Marc's Blog: http://atrociouslyhandsome.blogspot.com/*


Portland Dad said...

I heard somewhere that all you need is love but I can't remember from where.

amber said...

but it is gonna be fun to laugh at all the popular people who got fat and bald :) but I love you blog so tru!

twistedxtian said...

It's amazing what a decade can do to change your perceptions. This weekend marks my 10 year reunion and it is amazing the difference between what I expected then, and where I am now.

Anonymous said...

@twistedextian .. the difference is totally amazing. But that's what makes life amazing: The unexpected!

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