Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Children, My Dearest

I wish for you, my children, my dearest, a lifetime of love, and eternity of happiness.
I wish for you the best life has to offer, and the best life I can give.
I wish for you, my children, my dearest, all the riches of the heart and soul.

You'll never know how much I watch you, observe you, and study you.
You'll never know how much I envy you sometimes, and how I admire you.
You'll  never know how much I know you and how little you know this fact.

I know your faces. I know your smiles, and your frowns.
I know your happy from your sad. Your angry from your hurt.
I know your dances and your motions.
I know your love for each other, brilliant and true.
I know your thirst for affection, and your hunger for life.

I can read your minds and your hearts
I can feel your vibrant spirits and young souls.
I can see your feelings through your eyes and I love them all.

Never have I loved anyone the way I love you.
Never have I adored a human being the way I adore you.
Never could I dream of the feelings you bring to my life.
Never would I have imagined such perfect love.

You, my childen,  are the reason I breathe.
You , my dearest, are the reasons I hope and I dream.
You are the ones who make me be my best when I feel I am my worst.
You are my children, my dearest, my pride and my joy.

I will always put you first, my children, my dearest.
I will always there when you need me to be, want me to be, or ask me to be.
I will always care for you, nurture you, and guide you.
I will always love you with infallible love. With unbreakable, steadfast, incalculable love.

My children, my dearest, when my life comes to an end, remember I always loved you.
My children, my dearest, never forget who you are, and who's you are.
My children, my dearest, the world is your stage. Take it by storm
My children, my dearest.

Written in humble adoration, and unsilenced love,
Your father

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Forgotten said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. You made me cry on a Saturday morning. *throws cry towel at you*

That was awesome.

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