Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Real Talk: Being a Man of Courage

"Courage: The ability to face uncertainty and step out of ones comfort zone and face fear; One who is not afraid to admit their wrongdoings no matter the sentence; Unafraid to admit fear, and when help is needed" - The DaddyYo Blog

Many people look at courage in many different ways. Some view people of courage as a soldier who dies for home and country; a stranger who takes a bullet for someone they have never known, and will never know as a result of selfless actions. Others view it as someone who is unafraid to stand up for what is right, and what they believe in; someone who will do what it takes to support their family, no matter how far out of their comfort zone they may have to go.

Neither view of courage is wrong. In fact, they are all great examples of how ordinary people become heroes and legends. Courage is not something we are born with. Rather, it is a trait we develop. Whether out of necessity, or because we want to try something new and spice up our lives, it is a characteristic that must be worked on. So how does a "real man" show his courage?

By being real! Real men are men who are willingn to take on the uncertainties of life without a second thought. They are men who will be selfless in the right times, never thinking of the potential benefits, or harm that may result, only that it is the right thing to do.

Men, being real, being real as a father, as a husband, as a man in general, requires us to develop this courage. All of life is a journey, and a job. It takes work, and dedication to making the best out of our lives. We are to be the protectors and guides of our families. Courage is just another part of the job in our quest for more in life.

Real men of courage are real men of heart. Transparent for the world to see the men behind the skin. Shoulder to shoulder we walk with the future. Heads held high, and never looking back. Never afraid to admit we are scared, and may need help. Through strength and support, we face uncertainty, and leave our fear shattered and forgotten on the path of time.

"Someone said it would be easy. Someone said it would be hard. Someone said we wouldn't make it, but we've made it this far" - "Long Cold Winter" by John Taylor


twistedxtian said...

Courage is something that I often associate with integrity. These are two attributes that I find go hand in hand, both of which I use to become a better Dad, a better husbad, and a "real man."

Awesome post.

Ben said...

Couldn't agree more. A real man harks back to the days of knights, when we were chivalrous and caring. Unfortunately, the view of a 'man' in today's society is often a guy in a baseball cap and dirty vest slumped on a sofa illuminated by the TV screen whilst scratching his balls!

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