Monday, June 28, 2010

Kicking Bugs and Taking Naps: My Son and Me

Let me start off by saying this: MY SON IS CRAZY!!! Haha ... no really, my son has such a vibrant imagination, and is so hyper all the time, you can't hlp but to laugh and love him. He plays without pausing and can create such wonderful, imaginary worlds to play in, that sometimes i wish I could invent a virtual reality room to bring these worlds to life.

Now don't get me wrong, all that cuteness, all the adorable "catch phrases" he has, and all the charm, cannot keep him from blowing mommy and daddy's tops with his tantrums, non-compliancy, and lack of listening when we are telling him what he can and can't do. But then again, boys will be boys, 3 year olds will be 3 year olds, and I am sure my mother would tell you that I have no room to be talking because I was the same way at that age.

So, why did I decide to write this post about him? Well duh, it's because I love the little booger. It is much easier, being at the age he is and developing the way he is, to interact with him more and become a part of those worlds. Where my daughter is just 13 months, she hasn't developed all these characteristics, although she is coming into her own more and more each day now. My son and I have such a different relationship because of the way we interact. Me and my son, my son and me.

Sure, I praise him when he does the right thing or reaches a new milestone, and I lay down "daddy law" when the roughneck side of him shows. I can feed him, bathe him, and maintain his general upkeep, and all the parts of parenting that come with, well, being a parent. But a large part of our relationship is revolved around me being a "playmate" for him. Me and my son, my son and me.

We don't know many people with children his age around here, being that my wife and I are a few years younger than most the parents of children his age and we don't have much of a social life outside of people I work with and our neighbors. And all that is okay by me. I am quite happy spending more time with my family than we do going out to parties and date nights or what have you. So as my son's mental awareness and the ability to imagine and really bring those dreams and childhood thoughts of his to life, I was here for it all. Me and my son, my son and me.

Him and I have spent many a countless hour sitting on the couch, watching the "ree rees" (what he called dinosaurs when younger) and "Back Room, Outta Range" (Veggie Tales: The Pirates who don't do Anything from Big Idea Productions). We have searched for a lost egg, run from "boogies" and raced around the world, all in the comfort of our home. We have killed imaginary bugs and spiders to fill an imaginary 42' tractor trailer and talked to everyone on the face of the planet with children's play phones. Me and my son, my son and me.

Me and my son, my son and me. Kicking bugs, and taking naps. Shooting the breeze, and giving daps.  I wouldn't change it for the world. My son is one of my best friends. And that is perfectly cool. What dad doesn't want to be their son's best friend? I know that in a few years, especially when he starts school, the relationship will change. I will no longer be his favorite playmate, or the first friend he tells a secret to. But I will always be dad. I will always be here, when he is in need of a friend, or a closer shoulder to cry on. And if he ever needs a playmate from me, I will always be ready to let my imagination run free with his. Me and my son, my son and me.

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