Monday, July 5, 2010

1095 Days

I was looking through baby photo albums the other day and just looked in amazement at the last 3 years of dadhood. From first baths, to first teeth, to first birthdays. The last three years of being a dad bave been an amazing trip.  I can remember all the events we have photographed like it was just yesterday, though many have been hundreds of days ago.

The time has passed by so fast, and sometimes it feels like it will continue to speed up without regards to me wanting it to go slower. Time is to be so cherished in an age where nobody stops to smell the roses and live in the moments that make these times so great.

Three years, 1095 days of crying, laughing, playing, and pooping. 1095 days of happiness, joy, fear, and uncertainty. And you know what? I have been blessed and very thankful for every last day, every last minute, and every last second.

I am only 27 years old, and hopefully I will have another 27 years ahead of me. But tomorrow is not a guarantee. So why waste the time I have now? My children are my world and my reason for everything that I do. I don't know where I would be without them, and don't even want to imagine life if I didn't have them in it.

The kiddos have grown so fast already, from barely being able to stay awake for more than an hour to keeping daddy awake long after they should have been in bed. It is just simply amazing to me the rapidness of these milestones and changes and I stand in awe of the miracle of life everyday when I look at them.

1095 days. 26280 hours. 1576800 minutes. 94608000 seconds .... it has all passed quickly no matter how it's counted, but not a second, minute, hour, or day has gone unwanted or wasted. Count your blessings, kiss them youngins, and enjoy every second, every hour, every day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. It's just hoped for!

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