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Breastfeeding: Support your Natural Moms

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Today I am going to touch on the subject of breastfeeding in public. Yes, I said breastfeeding in a dad blog haha. In support of the Carnival of Nursing in public, I decided to write this post in support of breastfeeding moms everywhere who are discriminated against and singled out for doing nothing more than caring for their children.

A lot of dads are uncomfortable with the subject, and I must admit I was for a long time, until I had children of my own. My wife did not breastfeed, but as a dad, and having read many things on the subject, my view of nursing in public changed quite a bit. I used to be one of these people that couldn't believe it when I saw a mother nursing a child in a public setting and will be man enough to admit that. But I believe growing up a little, and having children changed my perspective.

Now I look at it as just a mother caring for their child in a very natural way. Nothing more. There is nothing explicit or sexual about it. And definately, nothing wrong with it worth being kicked out of a public place. Whether using a bottle or the breast, feeding and caring for a child is nothing more than feeding and caring for a child. How do you think it used to be done before the bottle?

So, why is it that we have become desinsitized to the thought of a woman feeding her baby in the most natural of ways? When did, what used to be the only way of feeding a baby,  become such a touchy subject, and in some places, frowned upon? In my opinion, we have media to blame for a lot of it and insensible people who cannot learn to learn and understand.  Television, movies, YouTube, ect. The world has been flooded with images and thoughts that any bearing of skin by a female should be taken in an explicit and sexual manner. What was once not even thought twice about is now viewed as "skanky" and ill-mannered. 

I can comepletely understand arguments from people who don't have children of their own or just don't understand nursing in general and I respect their opions. But here is my point: Why are you looking at a mom who is nursing as some sort of sexual and provocative action? Have you people lost your minds? I think it is time for the world to examine nursing in public and the process of nursing in general and understand that this is natural, and in no way meant to be sexual. Look past what society has been teaching you, and become more educated to the subjects. Learn to learn and understand

Men, dads, general public: Breastfeeding is natural. It has been natural since the beginning of time. Can't we learn to overcome the brainwash being pushed on us by "sex sells" media powerhouses and learn a little more compassion? Can we not evolve into more carign and understanding people who are willing to learn and willing to be understanding of the life choices of others? 

Dads, we all love our wives, and all respsect what they do and their part in the care of our children. Why don't we learn to support all moms, and stand up for their rights? Why don't we call on the modern dad to not just change the face of dadhood, but to help shape the future of parenting, period? We are called to be real and it doesn't stop with just ourselves. We can help make the world a more understanding place for dads AND moms alike. 

Discrimination is wrong, period. The world doesn't have to be full of spiteful ignorance, and we can help make that change!

Written by John T for the Carnival of Nursing in Publlic

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Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! My hubby (@CodeNamePapa) was so much more easygoing about breastfeeding than I ever imagined - he'd never been around a breastfeeding mama, but it didn't take him long to realize that nursing Kieran was the absolute best thing. I am so proud of the daddy lactivists among us, thank you!

RedPowerLady said...

What a great post! From a father, a man, someone whose wife did not BF. You are obviously a compassionate and intelligent person and I commend you for speaking to an audience who doesn't always hear these arguments. I'm sure you don't need my praise but just wanted to give you a pat on the back anyway. Thanks!

From a fellow lactivist :)

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