Friday, July 9, 2010

Real Talk: Taking a Deeper Look Inside (Final Post for this Series)

I have been posting in the "Real Talk" series for a couple of weeks now, talking about what it means to be a "real man" in different areas of our life. The feedback has been great and I have been learning a lot about myself as well while writing this series.

But today, it is time to stop, and take a look at my life, and evaluate where I am at in my quest to become more real. It's time to look at where I am, and where I want to go, and what I have to do to get there.  This will be the last post in the series for a little while and the series will be moved to new hosting over at Real Authentic Men. So, sit down with me, let me lie on your couch, and take a look inside.

I started writing The DaddyYo Blog back in April after I closed my first blog, "Hell Hath No Fury like Half  a Stale Cheesie". In the short 3 months of this blogs existence I have had the pleausre of writing about my children, my family, and connecting with really awesome people who have guest posted and participated in Q&A posts. I have had a lot of fun doing this, and the people I have connected with are just super rad and very supportive.

The thing I take the most out of this though is what I have learned about myself. I have found through the short "Revolution of Soul" series and this current series that I had a lot of changes going on that I wasn't making any sense of before, or that I was ignoring. And through writing the feedback, I have been able to share these changes and these feelings with other dads who feel the same or have gone through the same changes in their own lives.

I have struggled with balancing my life as a dad, a husband, an employee, and have been seeking to make changes to my life to become the best husband, dad, and employee that I can be. I want more in life than just getting by and "making it". I want to provide, not just what my family needs, but what my family wants as well. I don't want to become rich and have everything at my disposal, just more than what I have always settled for.

As a husband, I could do much better. My wife deserves better from me, and my children deserve for their daddy to treat mommy with kindness and love and compassion and understanding. They both observe us so close and it is my job to man up and raise them in a house of love and caring. As a dad, I will always be struggling to see what's right and wrong in my dadhood. And I may never know until later on if I have done a good job. But my goal is to be more real as a dad and show my children that I can and want to be the dad the need and want me to be.

It has been great soulseeking and sharing it with all of you. In time I am sure there will be more for me to write on the subject and I will do so at Real Authentic Men. If you haven't check it out yet, do yourself a favor and do it soon. @PapaRocks6 has a great thing going on over there and I am glad to be a part of the outstanding group of men that are members. Thank you everyone who has read this series and provided feedback.

A new chapter in life, a new outlook on life, a new blog design, and new series about to start up. Life is always changing and we must learn to change with it. Roll with the punches and follow your heart. Be kind, be gentle, be loving, be real.

John T

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