Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tweeps Helping Peeps : Introduction to the Newest Series for The DaddyYo Blog

I have been brewing with ideas for a new series on The DaddyYo Blog. And, with a little help from my tweeps, the new series is very close to going live! I have passed the idea around to several people, all of which have provided great feedback and support for this, and to those people I say thank you! Without you, this series would not be rolling and ready to go.

I would now like to introduce you to "Tweeps Helping Peeps". This will be a new, weekly series beginning in the next couple of weeks about raising children with special needs. The series seeks to highlight personal stories from families raising children with special needs, and also seeks to raise awareness and support for those families and others.

Those who share their stories are encouraged to provide links and other relevant information and resources on the topic of the illness or condition they are familiar with.  The hope is to keep the series as real as it can be by lending the space to anyone who has a story they would like to share. I hope that 90% or more of the content you find will be submitted by moms, dads, and other family members. Occasionally, however, the series will feature write-ups and information on various hospitals, research groups,  support groups, and advocacy groups with links to them and other helpful resources. I promise to be faithful in providing nothing but truth, facts, and helpful information that I find and feel safe in sharing. (I will do my homework when posting anything that is not a guest post from someone else)

DISCLAIMER : I, myself, do not have a child with needs, and NEVER will you find me trying to act like I know a lot about the subject. For that reason, most of the content found within the series will be written by moms, dads, and other family members themselves. This is a subject that has laid heavy on my heart, even since my early teen years. Not knowing first hand what it is like, facilitating discussion and connections is my way of extending a helping hand to those who need it.

The purpose, and hope for the future of this series, is to let people share their voices and their stories and connect with other families who go through the same things they do. I hope, in the future, this series will become a place for people seeking information and wanting to hear direct, first hand accounts, from the people who have lived it as well.

HOW YOU CAN HELP : Spread the word! Tweeting about it? Use the hashtag #TweepsHelpingPeeps to help me keep up with what is being said. If you or someone you know would like to share their story with other parents, then please contact me (John : or catch me on Twitter (@DaddyYoEffinRox)

This is a subject that I am passionate about, as I'm sure a lot of parents are. I'm very excited and anxious for this new series to begin, and I can't wait to share some of the stories I am already getting. Stay tuned to The DaddyYo Blog and keep up on Twitter for the official launch of the series. And of course, have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


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