Friday, September 10, 2010

Fatherhood Friday: Things I Miss

Last night, just before going up to bed, my wife and I were looking at Caleb's 1st birthday pictures. So hard to believe that was over 2 years ago. We were talking about how much Marlee looks like him at that age and how hard it is to believe that he used to be so small! Then we went upstairs and I started thinking about when Caleb was younger and when Mar was first born. I started thinking about all the things that they used to do, or we used to do as a family that I miss.

  • I miss how Caleb used to laugh out loud in his sleep right as he fell asleep. The little man would barely have his eyes closed before it would start. He would cackle, coo, and laugh so loud he would wake himself up!
  • I miss the night like the first night we brought Marlee home. Just me and my baby girl in the room together. Waking up to feed her as she just stared into my eyes.
  • I miss singing Weezer to Caleb while we just danced and danced around the living room. Even his first night home where he only slept an hour. We danced and danced and danced. Now that he is older he doesn't like to do that so much anymore :(
  • I miss the 11am nap, the 2pm nap, the 6pm nap, the 9pm nap, the 11pm bedtime and wake up call at 9am. So much sleep. Where did it all go?
  • I miss carrying Marlee around in the Snuggie at Wal-Mart. Partially because of the looks people would give me like "Why is the DAD wearing the baby?" but mostly because she was close to me. Easy to lean down and give her a kiss. Happy.
  • I miss all the little things that seemed so small back then, but have made such a large lasting impression on my memories of my children and of being a dad

So many memories, so much time, so much that has just flown by in the last 3 years of my dadhood. It all just serves as a reminder that the time is precious, and we should all be making the best of it. First smiles, first steps, even first runny noses and poop diapers that overflow their boundaries, it all makes the memories that make up our lives. What do you miss?

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