Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WordFULL Wednesday

Many words come to mind when one is thinking about parenting. SO many words. So this Wednesday, I thought I would do something quite the opposite of WordLESS Wednesday, and go with WordFULL Wednesday. Through the power of what are my Twitter followers, a list of words has now been compiled based on the response to the question "What are words that come to mind when thinking about parenting". Originally I had intended on writing a short sentence about each word and how it relates to my dadhood. But so many words kept coming in I decided to take a different direction with it. I want you, the reader, to look through the list of words that my wonderful followers gave me. Pick your favorite word or phrase and leave a comment with a short sentence or two about how that word relates to your parenting life. 

Also, when you are done commenting, check out the people who contributed to the list, follow them, check out their blogs, and show them some love. They are all wonderful people!

Okay, now for the list. Like I said, pick your favorite, leave a comment with a short sentence or two about how it relates to your parenting life. I tried to eliminate any double entries but I am not promising anything (twas a big list) RT the post and let's see what everyone has to say! Ready??? GO!!!!

Caring, Loving, Educating, Compromising, Providing, Guiding, Leading, Protect, Secure,  Believing, Insanity, Pride, Hero, Friend, Honesty, Patience, Learning, Giving, Fear, Struggle, Prepared, Sad, Smile, Laugh, Tiring, Cute, Grow, Play Time, What-did-he-say!?! Questions, Attention, Fun, Toys, Amazement, Awe, Wonder Excitement
poop. Poop. SO much POOP, Exhilarating, More Exhaustion, Happiness, Soft Cheeks
Hugs, Shoes that keep getting bigger, Superwoman, Gentle sighs in the middle of the night. Breastfeeding. Laughter. Frustration Plans. Hope. Heartache. Kissing boo-boos better, Bare feet in grass. Home, Elation, Draining, Rewarding, Legacy, Love, Modeling
Quantity time, Truth, Mentor, Consistency, Hard, Rewarding, Painful, Awesome, Full of dichotomy, Sleepiness, Love, Smiles, Amazing, Stressful, Beautiful,  Fun Making, Loving, Problem Solving! Nurturing, Tireless, 24/7,  Humor, Providing an environment so they develop & soar  Self doubt, That it is worth it, Parenting is an art,  Discovery, Worry, Diapers, Imagination, Creative, Every career I could've ever had, all rolled into one! Biggest challenge & biggest honor

That is an INSANELY huge list! So get to it! Pick your fave, and tell us how it relates to your life as a parent. Got one that is not on the list? Share it and tell us about it!

Thanks to the following people for providing the words in the list. Check em all out! Great people, great parents.

@unxpctdblessing ... @fcsfinest1 ... @tilga ... @dadgineer ... @DaddyIncidents ... @daddycubed ... @willgoldstein ... @notsuperjustmom ... @TwinsMa ... @tshaka_zulu ... @heaterm ... @Twistedxtian ... @TempestBeauty ... @CaseKidsLikeIke ... @ABCfibi ... @Genuine ... @DaddyDistracted ... @krellpw

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