Monday, September 13, 2010

I Wear My Heart on My Dot Com

Catchy isn't it? Okay, maybe not, maybe a little on the dorky side, but no matter. It is a phrase I used recently in a Facebook message to my buddy Gonzo at work when talking about the blog. First time he had read through it, and he was just giving me some feedback about it. I started thinking more and more about this phrase in the few days following that short exchange. And even more so after reading the latest greatness from JR over at Sex And The Single Dad that talks about the ability to open up about "real" stuff. I recommend everyone give it a read as I believe it is a great struggle for all men and dads to be open and real about everything, especially when it comes to things that aren't "guy talk" material.

So, how does it relate to being a dad, and what I write on my blog? I try my best to be totally open, real, and transparent in what I write here and other places. I try to show all sides, good and bad, manly or not. Even if this means exposing my fears, things that bring me down and bum me out. But it also means sharing the good side of things, the stuff that lifts me up, makes me smile, and lightens my soul, even if just for a moment. 

Being open, and being real are difficult. Often times we feel the need to be a certain someone in front of certain people. We all do this, myself definitely included in that. I often believe that certain people have a particular image of me in their minds, and I try not to break that image by revealing parts of myself they don't know about. Being open and honest is a trait I was not born with, but I try, in everything I do, to achieve. When it comes to being a dad, my heart is on my virtual sleeve.

Everyone in my life knows how much I dig being a dad, and just how much I love my kiddos. There is no doubt to anyone that knows me that my children and my family come first above all in my life. And here, I open up freely about everything that has to do with my being a dad. From the great days, first day of school, potty training accomplishments, to the bad days, grouchy kids, parenting fails, and feelings of inadequacy as a father.

I hope you will always find honest and genuine content here at The DaddyYo Blog. By stopping by, even if just for a 90 second quick read, I hope you can navigate away into the virtual world and leave here feeling like you know me just a little better. This is my outlet. This is wear it all comes out, and all gets released and off my shoulders. And you know, that's just fine with me. Better to let the whole world see me in the reality that is me, than just a few people, and living a lie to the rest. This is who I am. This is DaddyYo. I wear my heart on my dot com.

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