Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday - The Acronym Post

Today is Thankful Thursday here at The DaddyYo Blog. Every Thursday my posts will be about being thankful for people, places, and things in my life. Today, it's family using acronyms!


Many smiles and laughs that we have shared
All the joy that you bring to my life
Rocking to music when you are feeling "daddyfied"
Love that can only be shared between dad and daughter
Every day that I have with you
Eternity of always having you in my life to love and cherish


Continuous energy that reminds me to sometimes just be a child myself
All the good times and bad times that have made our bond stronger and helped me be a better dad
Lots and lots of sugies and noseys
Every time we have danced or just lounged around on the couch.
Bringing joy to my life since the day you were born.


All the memories we have and the ones we will continue to make.
Perseverance through the toughest of trials that have only made our love grow stronger.
Road trips where we miss our destination, but it doesn't matter because we are together.
Immeasurable love I feel every time I look into your eyes
Loving me despite my flaws

**Photos by Pretty Please Photography. Thanks for the fun session we had and the awesome pics!**

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