Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Commitment to The DaddyYo Blog

I started writing The DaddyYo Blog back in April of this year. Didn't really think about where I would go with it at that time, just that I wanted to start writing about my experiences and thoughts about being a dad and sharing  it with others. This was when I had only 29 followers on Twitter too. Now, 4 short months later, I have over 400 followers, and the blog has come into its own. I have had so much fun with it, and I am truly blessed for the connections I have made with others through the blog and twitter.

I was talkin to my boss the other day about it. I told him "If there is anything in the world that I could chose to do, love it, get paid enough to support a family, and do it for a long time, it would be writing about being a dad. It's my passion, my joy, and my honor. Obviously, it is a very hard job to write a dad blog and get paid enough to support a family of 4, and I don't really expect it to happen. So where am I going with this?

 I told my wife a few months back, and now I am telling you about my commitment. I have made the comittment to writing The DaddyYo Blog until the last child has moved out of the house. That's right, for the next however many years it is, I will continue to write this blog, every week, until the day the last child moves out. Let's put that in perspective. My youngest is a year old. Giving an average of 4 years in college and moving out that same year, thats 21 years from now. At an average of 3 posts per week, that's 3,276 posts until then.

Why the commitment? The journey through dadhood is a never ending trip. It is a quest of sorts. I will always have new experiences and knowledge to write about and share with others. There will be the first day of school, first date, first turn down, the struggles or adolesence and puberty, prom, graduation, college selection, weddings, and the time for leaving the nest.  There will be a lot of experiences and growing during that time. There will be many times of joy, many times of sadness, and many times of all out, stick you to the walls silly stuff. There will be much to share and much to write. Only when they move out is my job as dad, preparing them to step into the world on their own, be complete. Obviously I will still be dad, but my job will be complete.

When it is all said and done, I will write one final post. A farewell and thanks for the memories. I will look back on all my years raising my children and on the posts and the memories attached to them. I may never do this for a full time living. I may never see a single penny from it all. But what I will get from it is the opportunity to share my life as a dad with the world. To let people into my life, my home, my mind, and share what I learn, what I do, and the joys that come with being "Daddy". It has been so much fun so far, and I look forward to many many more years of bringing my experience as a dad to you, and to look back as time goes by at where I was, to where I am, and think of where I am going. When it is all said and done, it will have been a fantastic ride, and worth every second of it.



twistedxtian said...

That's an awesome commitment! Being a Dad, you'll never be short on stories, and since being a dad never ends, neither will the stories. :)

I look forward to 21 years of great storytelling.

Pop said...

That's awesome! Though an uncle told me that you never stop being a parent - and seeing how my dad and mom are towards me, they're right! So I'm looking forward to following The GrandaddyYo Blog in however many years.

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