Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Letter From Caleb's Teacher to Parents

The picture below is a scanned copy of the letter that Caleb's preschool teacher gave to parents on the first day of school. It was very moving, and yes, I cried a little the second time I read it. Man enough to admit it! I just wanted to share this with everyone. I think it is great to have teachers who understand completely the emotions tied to leaving your kids at school for the first time, and to also have teachers who are willing to come out and say that they have love for their students in a way that makes them feel at home when they are there, and makes you feel better when leaving the kiddos behind. We are blessed to have gotten to know his teachers before he was enrolled. They are great people with big hearts and a passion for what they do. Here is the letter we received. Thanks to Caleb's teachers for making us feel comfortable, making Caleb feel welcomed, and wearing your hearts and passions on your sleeves for all parents to see.

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