Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday Madness: Everyone is Running Scared

Try and tell me you didn't freak out something EPIC when you first became a dad. Just go ahead, save the trouble and admit it. We were all scared out our minds! I felt like I had no clue what was really going on, worried (and still do) about not being a good dad, and of course, scared to drop them!

Fear is natural, especially when you are a parent. Falls, scraped knees, slight cough, they all can make us go crazy and we tend to take things a little more stressed than we should. I hear my kids cough, sneeze, wheeze, or scrape  knees, I still get a faster heart rate than 3 cups of coffee. So, thinking about this, I decided to put the call out for other dads to share what they feared. Thanks to all the guys who shared there fears. Mad props!

@kenwmitchell - I was always afraid I'd forget something important, like leave the carrier on top of the truck and drive off.

@DaddysToolbox - Fear: Not knowing what to do at 2am if my son ran fever or got sick.

@twistedxtian - biggest fear: having to become totally selfless and loss of personal time. no more being selfish.

@exhausdad - Biggest fear is knowing that I can't protect her from all harm all the time.. Pesticides in the water, lightening, clowns, etc. etc

@DidacticPirate - biggest Dad fear? Dropping. Daughter was very wiggly as a baby. Was sure I'd accidentally give the kid her first concussion.

@thebenbrooks - Before learning was baby would be a girl my greatest fear was being a dad to a little boy. Bullet dodged!

@DaddyIncidents -  For me it was 2 things, fear of being a bad father and dropping the baby. I'm a clumsy sob. so far i'm good on the dad dept

@Blakefatherfolk - I had this irrational fear of dropping him after he was born. All of my initial fears of being a good dad gave way to physical safety

@darrenwcarter - My daughter was 5 when we married. As a step dad my fear was the feedom or lack thereof to raise another mans child.

@quietlyscheming - SIDS. Kept me up at night literally & gave me nightmares that still haunt me. Worked EMS with my 1st kid & saw it 1st hand 2 many times.

@JeromeGriffith - My greatest fear was losing the bond me and my wife had...And it happened and still hasn't been the same the last 2 years.

@SoularPowered - When I had kid #4 I was thinking " I need a new vehicle to tote around my whole family. A sedan no longer cuts it."

@DrShawn2ThePhD - The idea of what would happen to them if something happened to me. Financial security for them and Godparents.

@BetterHusbands - The feeling of inadequacy when faced with the responsibility of providing everything for another human being.

@DadStreet - The thing that always scared me the most was something happening to them like choking, falling or hurting themselves in all the ways that those little ones find themselves in.

@vicVegachi - My biggest fear about being a dad was that I wasn't prepared, but once she was placed in my hand all the fears were gone.

Mad thanks to all these guys! Check them out on Twitter, check out their blogs, get to know them cause they are all great guys! Thanks for stopping by and we'll catch you again when it's not quite so Mad and

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Abcfibi said...

Sorry, but this mom just wanted to chime in and tell you that I loved this. You guys are tough on the outside and don't often expose your fears. It is nice to see men admit that they are worried and scared when it comes to raising kids. It is also nice to know that you feel the same way we do. Thanks for being honest and sharing.

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