Sunday, August 1, 2010

Late Night Thoughts

It is shortly before 1am right now and i find myself awake and thinking once again. Everyone else is asleep and I am lying here wide awake. Times like these i do the most thinking.

I think about my kids and my job as a dad and how I am doing with it. Are they happy? Are they healthy? Do they know that daddy loves them? Am I a good dad, bad dad, okay dad, or average dad? These and many more questions run through my mind on these late nights.

I hope my children know that I love them and that they feel this love from me at all times. I hope that my parenting skills have helped to ensure that they are in good health. And I hope that I have done what it takes to make them happy. Sure they are so young, but happiness is something everyone at every age is entitled to.

Perhaps I spend too much time thinking. Maybe I have nothing to worry about. I through these doubts and fears to the wind and try to clear myself of worry. Nobody said it would be easy. They just said it would be.


Jim Turner said...

I find that when I ask myself these questions it usually means that I am doing just fine. When you stop worrying about being good at your job is when you are needing to get back to working at it. Those doubts those worries and those fears never seem to fade. You get better at dealing with them. You're okay.

Aaron Weintraub said...

I think when they get old enough it is good to just ask. hey kiddo how am I doing? its good for them to see dad being vulnerable and seeking feedback.

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