Friday, August 20, 2010

Marlee In Her Own Words

Check 1! Check  1 2! Check! Okay, check it out! I have been offered a totally AWESOME opportunity to team up with Huggies to help promote their Little Movers diapers as a Highchair Critics dad.  Over the next few weeks you will be able to catch me commenting on all types of stuff from around the babyspere. All of the opinions found in the writing are entirely of my own.  For this particular post, however, I decided it would be fun to give my daughter Marlee a voice and let her post on the blog. She always has a lot, and I mean A LOT to say and I thought I would let her babble off to me, and I would be her interpreter and publisher. So Ladies and Gentleman, readers from far and wide, for the first time ever, I present to you: Marlee, in her words!

I have a big brother, Caleb. He is really cool, and he is very smart. He is older than I am and can do so many things that I can't do yet. He can go up and down the stairs by himself, go play in his room by himself, count, say his ABC's. I wish I could do all those things, but I am still too little. I am 1 year old right now. I don't know how many that is though. I will have to ask (whenever I can talk in complete sentences). I enjoy milk, bubbles, naptime, and food. I am ALWAYS eating. At some time I figure I will get some more of those teeth things and I can eat more and more with them! I like going shopping. I like to be the center of attention, although some of the big people that talk to me make me scared, then I just go to mommy or daddy. Music is really cool too! I like to watch daddy sing and dance with Caleb because it is really funny. Those two don't know how goofy they look. What a bunch of clowns!

I love to follow Caleb around though, and trying to learn to do some of the things he can. Now that I can walk, and kind of run, I can chase him, and he chases me around. We play "I’m going to skit you" and have a lot of fun. I have become quite the little mover since I learned how to walk. I do a lot of running, and jumping, and climbing with Caleb, so mommy and daddy are always armed with a diaper that has that perfect fit for my on the go-ness.  I am only 1 year old so I don't know yet how to use the potty, and I am not sure I even know what the potty is yet. Whatever it is sounds scary. It's big, it's white, and it opens it's mouth really REALLY WIDE!!! Every time Caleb sits on it (as he is potty training now) it looks like he will fall in! I must keep up my attempts to be in there at all times he is to keep an eye on him! When I don't make it in there, like when I am desperately seeking out my sippy cup, I get really scared he might not come back! I hear the big white thing ROAR and I close my eyes until I hear him come running out. Only then do I know he is okay.

We are always on the move, Caleb and me. I like to try to be like him and copy what he does and says. I will learn a lot from him as I grow up and so does he. We will hopefully be good friends, not just brother and sissy. Although when I start to go to school, I can't let my friends know. They will think I am a dork.  I
am little. I can't do everything Caleb does, or go everywhere he goes. But I always try (whether I am supposed to or not) and I will continue to look up to him and try to be like him. Caleb is my big brother and I love him very much. Maybe when I am bigger he will teach me how to do all the things I can't do while I am still little. Until then, I will look up to him, chase him, learn from him, and love him. Because he is my big brother, and that's at little sisters do!

I hope I get to be a mommy some day, though this baby thing is an easy job that I could get used to.
Wonder if I can get paid for it? Daddy is already wrapped around my finger getting me cheesies
anytime I give him the pouty eyes and say "chehseeeee" so maybe I can get some cash out of him too. I don't know too much, but what I do know is that I love being me! I love my mommy and I love my daddy. I love Caleb too!

The world is so big and scary, but it is also so much fun. I will learn how to drive when I can reach the buttons on the floor of the car. I will eat real big food like the sandwiches daddy eats and the meals that mommy makes. I will go to school and learn things like my ABC's and how to write. There is much to learn and much to discover. As soon as I take a nap and get a diaper change, I will get to it all!

**Disclosure: I have partnered with the Huggies brand to help promote Huggies Little Movers Diapers. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program. HOWEVER, my opinions are entirely my own and I have NOT been paid to publish positive comments**

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