Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trading Places & Daddy Takes Over: Day 1

BEWARE! Daddy has taken over for two days being the at home parent! Insanity is soon to follow! Okay, so it wasn't that bad. But, it definitely was a new experience and there was much to learn from just the first day.

Let's break down what's up with it all. The Wifey is getting ready to start fall classes at the college. Most of them from at home so she will still be home with the kiddos and I will still be working the regular, relentless hours I usually do. Yesterday and today are the orientation days for her at the college, so naturally, I took two days off from work to keep the kiddos. It is important to note at this point that the kiddos have never been left alone with me for more than a couple of hours. Let alone 9 hours alone with daddy. This post is the recap of Day 1 of daddy takes over the house!

Morning times are usually pretty good around here. Kiddos are in a good mood and right after waking up is a good time to get any housework done that needs to get done. Yesterday started out perfect. Marlee and I were up first while Caleb was still fast asleep. So we came downstairs to start our morning routine: Diaper change, sippy cup, and playtime while Daddy washed the dishes. After an hour we decided to go wake up the little man. Usually a bad idea, but yesterday he woke up bright eyed and smiling. We all came back downstairs for breakfast.

The morning continued on in typical fashion. I worked on a post while bribing the kiddos with cheesies. The greatest snack food never fails when it comes to these two. We bounced between upstairs and downstairs playing all over the apartment. I was a horse, a mountain to climb, a track star, and a zoologist all in one morning. (hey, beats the day job anytime HAHA). Then it was naptime. Oh yes, that magical time of the day where the home is mostly quiet and I can hear myself think. Caleb decided napping wasn't for him, and I should have seen this as a sign of things to come for the afternoon. But for the most part, stayed quiet up in his room. Marlee had a great nap, longer than usual.


The afternoon took a quick nose dive when the lack of a nap caught up with Caleb. The screaming started and continued for a solid 30 minutes. Anything and everything was worth shouting about and Daddy's ears (and nerves) were quickly shot. Marlee became a mess (I believe mostly scared by the pitch and sheer volume of Caleb's little vocal chords) and was in my arms for most of the time. The time came for Daddy to make a decision, and for the first time ever, Caleb got an in his room time out. I felt so bad. Carrying him up the stairs while he screamed to be put down and trying to hit me. Most of the time he gets sat in a chair and remains there until he is calm. This time, it wasn't going to happen, and more drastic measures had to be taken.

I was heartbroken as I closed his door and walked away. He was crying and screaming for daddy to come get him, but I knew if I did, the point would not get through. I was crushed. Thank goodness I soon had Marlee to the rescue with her cuteness and inability to go without attention. I held her and almost cried myself. After calming down Caleb was allowed out of his room and we decided to go outside to play. Haven't been going outside as much due to the heat and humidity. It is easy to become exhausted and sick in that weather. Not 5 minutes after being outside, mommy was home and my term was over.

I am always happy for time to be spent with my kiddos. Especially when it is just us. Those opportunities don't happen as often as I wish they did. Whether laughing and playing, or screaming, crying, hitting, and being put in time out, my kids are my life. They are my reason and my hope. Day 1 was over, and was a great learning and bonding experience. Today is Day 2 and another day to spend with them and love on them and play with them. Another day to be the best daddy I possibly can be and end the day with them knowing that Daddy loves them, always has, and always will.


Pop said...

Awesome! Good luck on day 2!

twistedxtian said...

Look at you, you're a natural. :)

I'm not looking forward to my son being old enough that I'm going to have to discipline him. It's never easy.

The JackB said...

It is hard to discipline them, but better to do it than not. Parents who try to remain friends with their kids only create problems for themselves and their children.

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