Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Five F's of Fatherhood - Post Revived

This is a post from my very first blog "Hell Hath No Fury like Half a Stale Cheesy". . As I have been thinking about my own dadhood recently and the upcoming Fatherhood Friday, I thought I would revive this post and put it back out there, because it sums up exactly what I have been thinking of my life recently. Enjoy!

So as the week ends and the weekend is getting ready to be in full swing, I thought I would take today to write a post about the letter of the day: the letter "F". It's Friday. On Twitter it is FollowFriday and to dads everywhere and over at it is Fatherhood Friday. So what better letter to write about today than the letter "F". So without further delay I present you with DaddyYo's "Five F's of Fatherhood"

5) Fire : Yes, I said fire, but no I am not suggesting you let your children play with lighters and matches. That stage of childhood will come naturally and for me is a post topic for years down the road. I'm talking about being "on fire". Be on fire about your fatherhood. Having children is an awesome experience and being a dad is even better. We should always take joy in our dadhood and be inspired by our children to be the best fathers we can be. Be engaged, be excited, and be involved with your children. The payback of a lifetime of love from them is definitely worth the effort and time we put into our childrens' lives.

4) Fight : Put on those old boxing gloves that have been in the closet in the box marked "yard sale" and slug it out. Nah, I'm just kidding. (hopefully you knew that) ... Fight for your children. There are a lot of difficulties that face our children as they grow up. A lot of these issues are far beyond their control, and sometimes out of ours. But we can fight for what we believe is right, and what we believe is best for our children. The future isn't written yet and there is always room in this world for change. Fight for the rights of your children, and for your rights as a father. The revolution is happening, and it far exceeds the borders of the web.

3) Fun : In an earlier post on this blog I talked about how kids love it when daddy acts stupid. This makes time with them fun. Life is going to challenge our children as they get older and learning to look at everything with a certain sense of humor will help them be more optimistic about the future. As adults and dads we know how challenging the world and life in general can be, and sometimes we take it too seriously. It's always good to just stop, and let loose sometimes. Have fun with life! Put your kid up on your shoulders and run through the mall yelling "TALLEY HO!!!" or laugh at flatulence with your son when nobody is around (or in a crowded store, your choice), make stupid faces in the mirror and laugh with your children till one of them pukes. Life doesn't always have to be work work work, and pout pout pout. Let your children teach ya a little something about having fun.

2) Friend : If your child is a boy, he is your son. If your child is a girl, she is your daughter. In both cases, you are their parent. But our children need us to be more than caregivers, feeders, and chauffeurs, they need us to be their friend as well. They need us to be playmates, tea party guests, ball playing partners. They need someone who will pick flowers with them, waller around in the dirt with them, and hold their hand while walking through the park. It is awesome to be a dad. It is more awesome to be a friend as well. We can be the best friend our children will ever have, and that may mean a whole world more than just being there in a parental position.

1) Forever : This one should be self-explanatory but I will give detail anyway. Even when our children are grown, have moved out, and started families of their own, we are still their parents. It is a bond you share forever. It is a link you have with them forever. So now is the time to make the memories that will last forever. When my children are grown, I hope they will tell stories of their childhood of memories they have of me that will last forever. I hope they know that my love for them will last forever, that my love will grow forever, and I will forever be here for them. Forever seems like such a long time, and perhaps it is, but as parents we know how fast time can fly, so forever may not seem that far away. Form the bonds, share the love, and make the memories that will last forever with your children.

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Aaron Weintraub said...

of course, there's no fatherhood without the first F! Don't forget keeping the love strong with mommy.

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