Friday, April 23, 2010

My Personal Declaration of Revolution

My Goals:
*To rid myself of vices that harm my body and commit to taking better care of myself not just for my sake, but for my children, my wife, and my family, so I will be around for them for many more years to come.
*To become the best dad my children have seen me be so they may know that I am more than just a "father figure". I am their DaddyYo and I will always be their DaddyYo.
*To be more involved in the lives of my kids. Not just giving more baths, or being there for more feedings. But to truly be involved and dedicated to them. To learn more about them, their likes and dislikes, routines, ect. To make myself more available to them whenever they are hurt, scared, or just want to play.
*To take on more duties when it comes to the care of my children and household responsibilities. To relieve my wife of more duties and show my children that I am more than just a working stiff and playmate. To be more involved in the daily aspects of family life and responsibilities.
*To become a better husband for my wife. To be more committed to her happiness. To be a better listener and helper. To work with her, and not against her. To commit to the vows I took and the promises I made with my heart to her. To love her fully and unconditionally from now till death.
*To live my life with integrity, with conviction, and to the fullest. To live my life not only as I wish to, but as an example to others. To live my life according to my beliefs and convictions and not according to anyone's opinion. To make the most of my life, and treasure it as it is a gift, not a guarantee.

I admit that I have not lived my life the way I wish I had. I admit that I can better myself, and in turn, become a better dad, husband, and friend.

I realize that the path will not be easy, and I may fall along the way. I understand that if I want to succeed in revolutionizing myself and evolving in to the man, the dad, and the husband I wish to be, that I must be strong willed, and I must ask for the support needed to accomplish my goals.

I commit myself to being the best father, husband and friend that I can be. To let nothing hold me back in life. I commit myself to the standards I have set for myself and to never letting these standards fall to the back burner.

I promise myself, my children, my wife, my family and friends to always be there for them. To being a source of strength and hope to my children, a source of love and security for my wife. I promise my family and friends to always be a man of love and integrity, to being there in times of need and supporting in times of triumph.

From this day forward, I commit myself to revolutionizing my heart, soul, and mind, and to becoming the man I have been called to be in life. To being the dad that my children deserve, and the husband my wife needs me to be and commited her life to.

This is my declaration of revolution. This is my promise.

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