Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time for Change - Revolution of Soul (goals)

Revolution without goals is nothing short of complete chaos.

It's all great to sit around and talk of revolution and evolution and becoming better people, but it has no basis without goals. Whether it's personal goals, family goals, marital goals, and so on, without a goal, there is no point in trying to better ourselves.

So how does this relate to the Dad Revolution and the Revolution of Soul? Well, we are wanting to change the way the world views fathers, and we are in the process wanting to better ourselves and our own roles as fathers. To do this, we must know what it is we want to achieve. Where are we wanting our lives to go and what direction are we wanting to take our fatherhood roles in? What exactly are we hoping to achieve when all is said and done and the history has been written?

There have been many goals that I have set for myself during my life, and in total honestly, I have failed at reaching the majority of them. However, none have seemed as important to me as becoming a more engaged and involved father. So I sit here, thinking while I type, what exactly do I want to accomplish? Who is this father that I want to become?  How is he me evolved? and more important, how am I going to get there?

It all starts with setting realistic goals. I know I won't instantly wake up and be "father of the year" and loved the world over by parenting experts. And honestly, I don't think I will ever become my mind's model of "the perfect father". But there are some ways I KNOW I can better myself, and it will take setting the right goals and taking the right steps to get there.

Life is not easy, and as my mom has always told me, pipe dreams are under the bed. Setting small, realistic goals, instead of the big picture goal, will help us ensure that we transform ourselves and transcend the typical "TVDad" image. Revolution and evolution of self cannot be obtained from simply wishing.

Set goals for yourself. Think about what steps you will need to take to reach these goals. Talk to your family members, friends, blog followers, whoever you feel comfortable with, and get support as you take these steps. Remember why you are doing this in the first place, set your eyes forward, don't look down and don't look back.

and of course, KEEP ROCKIN!

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