Friday, April 23, 2010

Time for Change - Revolution of Soul (Where do we go from here?)

The whole purpose of this short series of blogs "Revolution of Soul" was to put my personal thoughts out for public view. I hope that maybe some people who viewed the series got something from it, and if not, oh well. I feel better for having put it out there anyway. I am not a professional of any field and I fully understand that some people may have viewed this series as absolute absurdity. Makes no difference to me.

So now that it is over, where do we go from here? I have written about personal revolution, setting goals and obtaining the support that it takes to make life changes. But what happens when the pen is laid down? What happens when our computers and phones are off and the hype and talk of "The year of the Dad" isn't constantly in our faces? Can we keep the revolution personal and keep the fire with us without it being accesible by means other than our hearts and minds?

Conviction, personal will, and support. As with quitting smoking, giving up vices, religious awakenings, or what have you, conviction, personal will, and support are all vital to carrying on and achieving the goals we set for ourselves. We have to have the personal conviction and personal will power to say, I WILL and I CAN do this, and see it through until the desired goals are achieved. These two qualities are essential, not just for achieving short term goals, but for seeing it through and carrying the accomplishment with you for a lifetime. If you can't make a commitment to yourself, then you can't make a commitment to anyone.

And as with any decision that affects you for a lifetime, support is a must. Family, friends, pastors or other religious leaders, online friends and support groups. It is my belief that support from the outside can be the difference between success and failure. We cannot be afraid to let people know of major decisions we have made, and ask for their support, however they can give it, to help us make it through.

Now let us go out, show the world that we are not just your average dad. Let us go out and show the world we are evolving personally. We are dads of integrity, dads of conviction, dads with purpose. We are the modern age dad. We change diapers, give baths, play and care for our children. We are dads committed to being more and more involved in the lives of our children and willing to take on more roles in our fatherhood than dads before us. Let us revolutionize our hearts and souls, and evolve into being more than just a father. Let us be the dads we want to be, and let nothing stand in our way.

And as always, let us KEEP ROCKIN!

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