Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Time for Change - Revolution of Soul (What the revolution means personally)

Revolution has many different meanings. One meaning taken from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is "a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something". Very well put as it relates to the dad revolution that is sweeping into the dad-blog world. A change in the way of thinking about something. This dad revolution is about changing the way fathers are viewed and they way we are thought of by mainstream society. But the revolution, to me, is defined in so many ways. So as it relates to this series of posts, this is how I view it.
I want to become the best father that I can be. And I can honestly admit that I m not that father right now. (and it may be possible I never will be). But in order to become a better father, there are parts of my life that have to change. I have to "revolt" against different ideas, beliefs, habits, and thoughts and become firm in who it is I want to become as a father.

A recent post,  @Wrath66** talks about like this "I don’t know that I feel the need to revolt so much as evolveAs I’ve thought about becoming a father over the past eight months, I’ve consistently thought of it in terms more evolutionary than revolutionary"I have thought on it all morning this morning and it has, in some ways, reshaped my views on what is going on. I mentioned to him later on that I can see it as the need to "revolt" against the me I am now in order to "evolve" into the father I desire to be.

When most people think of the word "revolution" they associate it with politics, violence, changes in power or social structure. As it relates to the Dad Revolution, it means changing the view the world in general has of the rolls of a father and the father's way of thinking about his own roll. Revolution has to start in the heart and soul. You cannot expect the world (or your closest circle of friends for that matter) to believe in what you are saying and doing if you cannot believe in it yourself.

In the sense of "evolution", the Dad Revolution not only calls for a change in the way others view us as fathers, but it challenges us to evolve in our fatherhood to be so much more than how we are viewed. For myself, it means growing in to a father of integrity. A father of equal importance in his childrens' lives as his female counterpart. To become a more engaged and involved father, no matter how it is seen to everyone else. 

In order for all this to be achieved, no matter what you want to call the movement going on, we must decide in our hearts that we want to be the best father we can be, and we will no longer let other areas of our lives, or views of the world, stand in our way of becoming this "new and improved" daddy. We must believe in our hearts the words we write and speak. We must decide in our minds that this is what we want, and nothing, not even our current selves, is going to keep us from becoming a better father, and the kind of father we desire to be. We must be able to stand up, with absolute conviction, and say "Today, I make the decision that I will be more than the father I have been. And the world will see this and wake up to the new roll fathers all over the world are taking on". 

The revolution must start in the heart, it must be personal and real. It must be more than a social movement, it must be a personal movement as well. Without our hearts being at the forefront, we have no leg to stand on. Fathers of the Dad Revolution, let us be in this with our hearts and souls. Let us not only revolt, but evolve personally and let the world not only see that we are not the fathers portrayed, but we are not, personally, the fathers we were before.

Thanks for your time, and as always, KEEP ROCKIN!!!

**Take a few minutes to check out the blog from @Wrath66. A lot of good stuff going on there. Check it out! Thanks man for letting me cite you in this post and for the thought provoking post on your blog. Keep ROCKIN!**


Chris | Wrath66 said...

Wow. Good stuff DY. Your enthusiasm is inspiring.

Portland Dad said...

I like that bit about it needing to start in your heart and being personal. We all have our own preconceptions of fatherhood from what we experienced to what we want to do ourselves. There is a healthy pause that comes from thinking about what kind of dad we want to be and bringing all those models and ideals together on the living room floor. Sorting through them like family pictures to decide which ones to keep and which ones can go. Great post and great conversation developing here.

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