Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Want a Revolution?

This was written and originally posted on my Tumblr a few days ago. I moved it here today. 

Original Post from DaddyYoEffinRox.tumblr.com

This morning something totally ROCKIN happened : The Dad Revolution was launched. A group of dads who have started the movement to change the image of what it is to be “daddy”. Fathers coming together to break the mold created by the typical “TVDad” image portrayed in media and tv and show that there are plenty of fathers out there who can change a diaper, make great clothing choices for their kids, take care of and nurture their kids, just like their female counterparts. Here is my take on what is going on.

Let me first state this: I am in NO WAY against the writes of women and mothers. I am not here to put them down or take away from the glory they deserve. We all know we wouldn’t be here without a mother. Maybe that’s why we have Mother’s Day (just saying). And I can easily acknowledge that my wife generally knows more about what’s up with our two kiddos more than I do. But let’s not let that mean that I know nothing. The reason behind the revolution in the first place.

I consider myself a “decent” father. My children stay fed, they are healthy, learning in leaps and bounds, and they know they are loved. I view my role as father like this: It is my responsibility to make sure my children (and my wife) have the basic necessities of life. It is my responsibility to make sure I do everything in my power to provide for them in any way possible. It is up to me to make sure my children know how much their father loves them, and to be here when they are hurt and to uplift them in times of triumph. 
I am here to share the parenting responsibilities with my wife, to be an equal member of the parenting team when it comes to the care of our children. I am here for bedtime, naptime, bath time, play time, outside time, inside time. 

I think it is important for dads who are engaged with their children and in their role as a father to embrace the awesomeness that is “dadhood” and show the world that we are not just merely men who work and father babies. We are daddies. We are committed to our children, to being the best  daddy we can be, and to showing the world that “parenting” isn’t just for mommy anymore.

I am very proud to be a father to my two wonderful, beautiful, smart, messy, funny, annoying, sometimes smelly children. And I am very proud of the fact that I can take care of when mommy is gone. Proud that nothing gets broken or smeared everywhere. Proud that we spend a lot of time laughing and playing and eating junk food when mommy is gone. Proud of the fact that my children know I am their daddy and that daddy is always here for them.

Proud fathers, join us. Show the world that we do know what we are doing, that we do love our children with a love that cannot be outlived or outdone. That we are involved fathers who take joy in the daily grind of dadhood and at the end of the day, realize that it was all worth it, and worth doing again tomorrow. 

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